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Returns Policy

Return Policy 

Our company wishes all its customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases and our products.

So if you no longer wish to purchase the products, even if you have already placed the relevant order, you can return the products under certain conditions (see par. 1). And if the product you are buying is defective or lacks an agreed quality you can also return it (see par.2).

In any case, the Company will make sure to fully satisfy you in the ways listed below.


Exclusively for natural persons as consumers

In case of your purchases from our e-shop, you can return, without special reason, a product and we will refund the price if within 14 days of receiving the product from you or from a third party that you had indicated:

a) Notify us of your desire to withdraw from the contract in writing, via the contact form here choosing as subject "Returns" or via email at

b) Return the product intact to the new condition that was delivered to you without opening the original packaging which must be intact, without damage and tears, sending us within the above deadline receipts for shipment to our facilities.

Of course, you can withdraw before the receipt of the product, ie before the beginning of the above deadline, but observing the above conditions of declaration of withdrawal and return of the product as soon as you receive it (if at the time of withdrawal it is already on the way).

In case of periodic benefits, or receipt of a batch of products, the deadline starts from the receipt of the last supply or the last product of the batch.

(In case you have opened the package, the product is not returned with unjustified withdrawal unless the product has been damaged due to the customer's fault or its use does not exceed what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. Please note that in order to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the Products you purchased you must handle and examine them in the same way that you would be allowed to do so in a store and no more than that. unjustified withdrawal for consumables is excluded in case of any use of part or all of the sold consumables.

The right of unjustified withdrawal does not apply in the case of supply of goods following a special order of products in which the customer on his own initiative requests specific specifications for a product in addition to the standard models offered in the e-shop of the supplier.


2.1. We make every reasonable effort in order to deliver to you the Product that you ordered which will have the agreed properties and will be without real defects according to article 534 of the Civil Code. However, in the rare case that you receive a product with a defect or lack of agreed quality, we invite you to contact us immediately at +30 210 5130003 or send an e-mail to in order to reach an agreement on this issue.

2.2. In any case of our liability for a real defect or lack of agreed quality, you will be entitled to your choice:

1.request at no charge the correction or replacement of the product with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs

2.request a price reduction or withdraw from the contract unless it is an insignificant actual defect

2.3. Also, if at the time the risk passes to you you lack the agreed property of the thing, you are entitled instead of the rights mentioned above, to claim compensation for non-performance of the contract or, cumulatively with these rights, to claim compensation for the damage not covered by their exercise. The same applies in case of supply of a defective product, which is due to the fault of the Company.

2.4. Your rights due to a real defect or lack of agreed capacity expire two years after the delivery of the thing.


To activate the return process according to par. 1 and 2 of the present, you must first send us your request by following the link here, selecting "Returns" as the subject. Fill in all the necessary information such as order number, return product, reason for return (unjustified withdrawal par. 1 or due to defect or lack of status par. 2) as well as the contact details. Upon receipt of your application, one of our partners will contact you by phone or email for clarification.

Upon receipt of the returned product in our store, the evaluation is done by our partners and then we proceed to replacement, correction of the product or credit of all or part of its value depending on the case.

After the positive evaluation, our Company will refund the total cost of the product or will credit your online account for future purchases from our online or physical store. If upon your request and relevant evaluation by the company a) the reduction or refund of the price is agreed, our payment to you will relate to the amount agreed in this case or b) if the correction or replacement of the product is agreed will follow the relevant this actions to send you the new or corrected product.

Refunds are made by deposit in your bank account, which you must indicate to us. This process will be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of your products at our facilities.

If there is a replacement request and there is no stock available we can agree to send you another product of your choice, which if it has a higher price you will have to prepay the extra difference and if it has a smaller one we will credit you and pay the corresponding amount within it as over a period of 15 days.

The products you return must be accompanied by the documents with which they were originally received (invoice, retail receipt and bill of lading or receipt).

Return shipping is covered by the customer in case of unjustified withdrawal of par. 1, otherwise in cases of return of par. 2 are covered by the Company.

Returns without proof of purchase and receipt will not be accepted.

Returns of special orders due to unjustified withdrawal are not accepted (see also par.1)

To avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding, it is a good idea to check the condition of the products and their packaging at the time of delivery of your order so that obvious obvious defects or deficiencies can be identified immediately.

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