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Spare Parts

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for spare parts like ergonomics, forklifts, winch parts, cleaning machines, tow machines, small electric vehicle spare parts, such as golf carts etc. we can provide reliable solutions, as our suppliers list extend to global companies such as  ALMACRAWLER ,DINOLIFT,FALCON LIFTS,AAK,RWM, BOCKER,KSF, GENIE, COME UP , GUIL, BOSCARO, GKS PERFECT, AIRO ,LGMG,BRAVISOL, JUUKO,ACORN STAIRLIFTS, SAGA, ALBA and many more. Our specialized staff is there to help you find the right spare part code, and the majority of your orders can be delivered within 24 hours!

Our warehouse operates using a state-of-the-art management system. Our privately-owned facilities, totaling 5,000m2, enclose the company’s warehouse of 1680m2 picking racks and 212 pallets. The warehouse was specially designed and manufactured to provide high-quality support to the various spare parts products. El Kapundalis & Co, a rapidly growing company of lifting machinery and spare parts in Greece and the Balkan region with continuous growth investments, is next to you at every step.

The following are some of the companies we work with: